The world must do more to help the current refugee crisis. You couldn’t disagree with this opinion. People who are so desperate that they are dying in dangerous boats in the Mediterranean. The image of a child, so frail and helpless, washed up on a Turkish beach. We must do more.

Yet, when you look at the size of the problem, in excess of 1 million Syrian refugees, another 50 million refugees from other conflicts in dozens of countries, what can we do? If we (Australia) raise our intake of Syrian refugees by 12,000 will this benefit the other 988,000? It is like a cruel joke. It is like approaching a thousand families, hungry and cold, and saying to one of them, “You’re free. And here are your plane tickets, and spending money. Now say goodbye to your comrades.”

Do the other 999 all cheer with joy that one of them is saved?


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