Why has serious talk about overpopulation stopped in the last couple of decades? While I can see that most of the problems of the world are due to overpopulation, why has there not been any serious discussion of this for two decades?

I can think of only two reasons for this. One is China’s one-child policy which everybody abhors. But China is bearing a disproportionate weight of preventing world overpopulation. The other is that the advanced countries are actually suffering from population decline so it has slipped from view.

In my unfortunate opinion the rest of the world has to be pulled into line. I often get asked by some charity on TV to give money so that a poor child can be helped to get fresh water, food or an education. I am not sympathetic to the message of the charities involved. Am I heartless? Maybe. But more than anything I am practical. Are these charities distributing condoms so that the families do not have too many children in the first place? If a charity starts promising that for every $10 I give, $5 will be used for family planning programs then I will gladly sign up.


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