Citizenship test

The current Australian citizenship test is a bit of a joke. I would like to see the qualification for Australian citizenship to be based on a psychological test. The purpose of the test would be to exclude from citizenship people whose attitudes and values are strongly out of accord with Australian general values.

How would the test be formed? There would be a large number of questions drawn from a pool of thousands. Responses would be multiple choice reflecting a full spectrum of attitudes. There would be no correct or incorrect answers, but the results would be matched to answers provided by the general population or incorporated in Australian law or tradition.

The only way a person would “fail” the test would be if their answers were strongly at variance with the general population or prevailing laws, or if the answers were self-contradictory, indicating an attempt to fake the results. By this means we would be able to ensure that those who become citizens will be truly committed to the values that we cherish.

While the base for the answers would be the responses from the general population they would need to eliminate “bogan bias” in order to ensure we didn’t exclude potential citizens merely because they weren’t yobbo enough.


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