Donald Trump

I want to expose Donald Trump for what he really is – the world’s greatest stand up comedian. Some call him a joke but they don’t get it. He represents the very finest form of political satire so subtle, so well-timed and so incisive that even his supporters don’t recognize it. Well, especially them!

You see, if Donald Trump did not exist it would take a master comedian, a maestro of stand-up, to invent him. Such a comedian, saying the things that Trump says, would have his audience in stitches. The idea of some bombastic, conceited, bigoted man making outrageous statements about his opponents and the rest of the world would have fans of fine satire enthralled.

The joke is that he does have his audience enthralled, but they are not in a New York comedy venue. They are in fact a large component of America and they don’t think it’s funny; they agree with his racist, xenophobic and fascist view of the world. They don’t realize it’s really just a joke and Louis C.K. will take off the silly wig and face mask and reveal the greatest hoax of the century.


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