Republican Cycle

If Trump wins the Presidency in the US it may mark the beginning of yet another Republican Cycle.

The cycle has four distinct phases:

  1. The first is FEAR. Americans love to have an enemy (Russia, Communists, China, Iranians, Castro, Saddam Hussein etc.) and Republicans like making enemies.
  2. The second stage is WAR. Fear eventually explodes into an attack on some supposed danger. (USSR, Cold war, Cuba, Vietnam, Arms Race, Central America, Iran, Iraq, Al Qaeda, Iraq again.)
  3. The third stage is an economic BUBBLE created by huge spending on arms and rising budget deficits.
  4. The fourth stage is an economic CRASH like we had in 1974-75, 1989-90, 2008.

This cycle has played out to various degrees several times in my lifetime through the presidencies of Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush. All egged on by the only people who benefit – the military and the companies that make huge profits from war.


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