Something missing in the Islam debate

Forty-nine percent of Australians may support a ban on Muslim immigration (Essential poll). Several responses from Muslim writers have been published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Mariam Veiszadeh (SMH, 22/9/2016) “felt sick in the gut” when she read about it. She has established an Islamophobia register to track anti-Muslim sentiment. She blames Pauline Hanson. Husnia Underabi also points to Pauline Hanson. Keysar Trad blames Hanson and some other politicians, like Cory Bernardi, George Christensen and Jacqui Lambie for fanning Islamophobia. Yusra Metwally (SMH, 23/9/2016) also points to Hanson, John Howard, Peter Dutton, Sonia Kruger and the poll itself.

So what’s missing? It seems that Islamophobia (whatever that is) is a creation of non-Muslim politicians. If this “irrational” fear of Muslims is created by all of these people it would be a terrible shame.

It obviously has nothing to do with the Lindt Cafe siege, the death of  Curtis Cheng, the stabbing of police in Victoria, the arrests of numerous young Muslim men planning terrorist activity and the hundreds of young Australian Muslims fighting with the abhorrent Islamic State?

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Muslim clerics own hate-speeches in various mosques over the last fifteen years. It couldn’t have anything to do with the years of watching the Islamic world tearing itself apart and creating millions of Muslim refugees.

After all, there is no way that any Muslim could possibly have done anything to create the shift in public opinion. It must be someone else’s fault. It always is.


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