Post Trump Stress Disorder

Do I have PTSD? Yesterday, my wife greeted me and said, “What’s the matter? You look so sad.”

It was true I had been by myself for hours becoming stressed about the future under Donald Trump. But, what will be will be.

It made me realise something about the way both candidates conducted their respective campaigns, and why there was so much heightened interest in the campaign combined with such a small voter turnout.

Hilary Clinton lost that campaign by deriding Trump and by insulting his supporters. Certainly, Trumps most vociferous supporters were deplorable, but the people who voted for him were not all deplorable; the majority were ordinary people with ordinary concerns in a nation which had a Democrat president for eight years who was unable to achieve much to improve their lives. [Not his fault, really.]

The way forward for political parties of the left is to stop treating people with conservative views as “deplorables.” Many of those deplorable people want to vote for you but they don’t like being treated as fools.

So what would I have done if I had been Hilary Clinton? I’d have said, “People, if you are thinking of voting for Trump, write to me, message me, email me, tell me your concerns and I will listen and I will try my best as President to address each and every one of them.”


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