What is it about Mike Baird?

This NSW government of Mike Baird’s is an amazing government. (I don’t mean that in a good way.)

What is it that pushes Mike’s buttons? He’s for development. Just ask any developer. He’s for infrastructure. He’s against greyhound racing (or he was.) He’s against wild life and conservation. He’s for gambling (ask his mate Jamie Packer.) He’s against Sydney night life  (except at the Casino.)  He’s against heritage trees. He’s for land-clearing. He’s against corruption but against the corruption watchdog.

He’s building a light rail that connects one suburb with the city, turning George St into a virtual rail line. So, is he in favour of public transport? Sydney Metro is coming but what a joke to be standing all the way from Rouse Hill to the city! WestConnex is destroying neighbourhoods and people not properly compensated. No plans seem to get any debate about why we need them, who benefits and who pays.

Is the premier just reacting to whatever people tell him, such as developers, land companies, agricultural companies and Jamie Packer? The government is raping our heritage, our environment and our society.

And yet all the time, there is Mike with his sincere look and his pleasant words and everyone just laps it up.


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