Trump’s speech displays a classic fallacy

When you read the text of Trump’s speech, you can see his technique. Firstly, he creates the straw man and then he knocks it down. He paints a picture of government (Obama?) only concerned with its own comfort while the country has fallen into misery. Like the last days of Louis XVI? Is that really true?  He will come and restore true democracy. (Because of his amazing compassion and empathy?) Only the weak of mind would be fooled.

None of what he proposes is likely to be achievable. He paints a picture where Mad Max gets his gang together and says he is going to build a new airport or build a new wall to keep the evil guys out.

He correctly identifies a root problem of poverty in old cities, but does not address the absurd inequality that lies at the root of poverty and crime.

You have to admire his ambitious goals, but a goal is not a policy. Everybody wants what he says he wants, but his only stated policy is protectionism and every high school student studying economics can tell you that is not the path to wealth.

His other implicit policy is for America to be united by patriotism, but he is somewhat delusional since for most people what he says is often quite divisive.

Another grating aspect of his speech is the banal and trite metaphors, “we all bleed the same red blood”, “I will fight for you with every breath in my body.” Not exactly poetry except in his own mind.


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