Thinking about something …

Thinking is underrated. It’s amazing what can come into your mind when you think about something for long enough. You see a problem and then think about it. Then think about it again. Turn the problem over. Think again. Use the completely illogical to develop the sensible, the rational and the meaningful. Then think again. Soon patterns appear and understanding develops.

In my maths classes at school the teacher taught us one method, so I would try to find another method. Just for fun.

I have done this many times with issues that I see. One of my proudest thinking efforts was to design a simple way for people to make and receive payments between different banks in near real-time. I took my idea to many banks but no one adopted it. Next year, in Australia there will be such a payment system (government-mandated), almost as good ; almost identical as my design in the way it works, but not as good as my vision.

More recently, I came up with a way to reduce the income taxation and welfare system complexity to a minimum and increase fairness. Just by thinking about a problem and thinking about it again and again. A couple of wild ideas thrown together produced the best possible result.

I am not a genius (I have proof of that) but I do like to think problems through. In most cases good thinking reduces problems by finding their underlying simplicity. Most people aren’t into simplicity. They make their money creating complexity. You often hear these people using the ultimate retort of “simplistic” solutions being useless.  But it is simplicity that leads to great advances. I would like to retort that those who have “complextic” solutions need to do more thinking.

Recently I have been thinking about the best way for Australia to become a republic without ending up with the circus we just witnessed in America. I have some ideas developing on this whereby we do away with any person as president and have a virtual president, an ideal president, a president of ideals. More on that later.


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