Do not be afraid to say #pell did not do it! #pellnotguilty

If the High Court senses apathy in the community they have no incentive to reach the truth.

How #Pell did it. (He has an extra hand!)

I once suggested that Pell was the evil Doc Ock of Spiderman fame. Maybe I wasn’t too wrong. At the appeal, it was confirmed by the two judges (Ferguson and Maxwell) that Pell does indeed have three hands. “Cardinal Pell started touching A’s penis and testicles with his hands (Charge 3). As he did this,Continue reading “How #Pell did it. (He has an extra hand!)”

Let's talk about the weather instead of Pell

Why are we having bushfires? Anyone watching the weather forecasts for the last few months would see that there has been wave after wave of hot dry air from western and central Australia preceding windy changes with little rain. Why is this happening? On the website you can read about the positive IOD (IndianContinue reading “Let's talk about the weather instead of Pell”

The improbable Ferguson and Maxwell on the #pell case

Ferguson and Maxwell turned down Cardinal Pell’s appeal and in previous posts I think I have already shown how illogical their judgement was. Let’s continue. Let’s examine again a single sentence about uncertainty.  (170 What emerges, therefore, is not a ‘catalogue of impossibilities’, as the applicant contends,[104] but a catalogue of uncertainties and possibilities. SoContinue reading “The improbable Ferguson and Maxwell on the #pell case”

I have been wasting my time about #Pell

I’ve been wasting my time. Of course, Pell is innocent. Everybody of importance knows that he shouldn’t be in prison, but nobody cares.

Did The Kid act alone?

Where did the crazy story about Pell and the choirboys come from? I tried previously to build a coherent account of what has led to the Pell case from the available information, based on an assumption that The Kid was acting alone. (I used The Kid’s testimony, the appeal transcript, Louise Milligan’s book, his publicContinue reading “Did The Kid act alone?”